Heavy Gauge Minuteman Sign

Heavy Gauge 13Mil Vinyl Poster with imprint

What is an Imprint you ask?

It is an additional custom text added to your posted sign.

We have the ability to imprint on any material, 3 lines and up to 30 characters each(including spaces). Imprints are standard 3/8″ tall and can be adjusted to 1/2″ upon request(this would reduce the total number of characters per line to 18). Imprints are only printed in CAPS. Minuteman Signs believes in quality over quantity, thus only uses the best outdoor UV resistant inks on the market.

We can also imprint custom logos for an additional $25.00(more information and examples below).  For any other questions on imprinting, please feel free to contact us at (828)-550-7643 or at If you do decide to call us, don’t worry, you won’t have to press 1 for English. We are a small company and are always glad to speak with a customer.

We are proud to say that each sign is individually hand pressed right here in the United States of America.

We will imprint exactly what you request

Be certain of spelling when you place the order as we would hate to waste time and material with an incorrect imprint. Proofing is done on request.

Aluminum and Poly trespassing signs can be increased to 2-3 lines and 45 characters per line. This can increase production time. Please contact us for details regarding timeline and availability.

Custom Logos

Custom logos are an additional $25 unless the customer is able to provide a Usable logo (PDF, SVG), at which point minuteman may be able to waive additional fees. Logos are only available on non-rolled or individually sheeted signage.

No Trespassing Hunting Fishing Trapping

No hunting DCNR Pennsylvania

Posted no trespassing lucky dozen sports club

Aluminum Orange Posted Sign with imprint and email

Aluminum Orange Posted Sign with imprint and email

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