Does it matter what is used to attach Posted Signs?
Aluminum Nails for Posted No Trespassing Signs

YES! Using the right nails, and using them correctly, can significantly increase the durability and life of your signs. Minuteman Signs (and many of our satisfied customers) recommend 1-3/4 inch aluminum ring shank nails with neoprene washers.

Aluminum Nails offer future safety should the trees later be harvested as saws can safely and efficiently cut through aluminum nails. Whereas they cannot cut through steel shanked nails.

How to install a Posted Sign

All our standard gauge signs should be nailed in the four corners with the nails being left 1/4 inch from tight. This leaves room for the tree to grow out while preventing the sign from being pushed off the nail and keeping the sign mounted longer. Having the washer and leaving that 1/4 inch space between the sign and washer are the important factors that greatly increase the durability and life of your posted signs.

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