Controlled Hunting Preserve Sign North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and others


Semi-Rigid Polyethylene or Rigid Aluminum Controlled Hunting Signage

Controlled Hunting Preserve State Hunting Licence is Required

Please call first should you not want your name on half the signs 828-550-7643

Custom Imprinted Signs may take up to Two Weeks before shipping.


Controlled Hunting Preserve Sign North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and others

Our semi-rigid or Self-supporting Controlled Hunting Preserve signs have:

  • Superior tear, tensile and impact strength
  • High hinge and flex strength
  • High resistance to peeling, cracking, fraying, and extreme cold temperatures
  • High resistance to chemicals, oils, stains, and water
  • Single sided, Size is 12″ x 9″ x .024 (7+ years)
  • “Double sided” are .024 signs, are 2 sided(inside/outside), and 9″x12″(THIS MEANS YOU WILL NEED HALF AS MANY)
  • This Sign is NCWRC COMPLIANT!
  • Your Entity/Name will imprinted at 3/8″ up to 1/2″
  • Poly is recommended to nail all 4 corners -though you can nail top and bottom center as well
  • This sign is North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission APPROVED!

You will need 2 semi-rigid signs per mounting point on your preserve. You have one face inward(the sign with just “controlled hunting preserve”), and one facing outward(towards would-be trespassers)which would be signed/imprinted with your name(includes the words “State Hunting License Required” etc). Or buy half as many double sided(great for barbed wire or fencing. DOUBLE SIDED INCLUDE 3/16″ MOUNTING HOLES IN EACH CORNER

You can sign with a grease pen, but we highly recommend you let us imprint your name on the “outside” half of your controlled hunting preserve signs -we can guarantee our imprint for the life of the sign(sharpies/grease pens run off after a few good rainstorms). Call if you needed these yesterday, we can ship some polys out at a 15% discount w/o imprint.

If you have any questions about these signs, our print shop and livelihood are here in NC. We have been making quality signs since 1959, and we are proud to serve our fellow North Carolinians. 828-550-7643

These hunting preserve signs are made from either a semi-rigid .024 gauge deltron-pe(a modified out-door grade, high-density polyethylene), or a rigid .032 aluminum.

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