Lime Green Heavy Gauge Flexible Vinyl Posted Sign

Our Heavy Vinyl trespassing signs are tough!

Custom Imprinted Signs may take up to Two Weeks before shipping.


Lime Green Heavy Gauge Flexible Vinyl Posted Sign

Made from USA extruded materials. Minuteman Signs are engineered for maximum outdoor durability, please see the video below for a description of the product.Our heavy-gauge vinyl posted signs are:

  • Come as individual sheets or on a roll ready for mounting.
  • Chemically treated to withstand very low temperatures
  • Expandable due to the elasticity of the vinyl, aiding in application to trees and other uneven surfaces
  • Printed in waterproof ink
  • UV Treated and highly resistant to fading
  • They Can be personalized with your name, and/or address or organization name, etc.
  • *Sold as individual sheets or perforated rolls

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Weight 0.09375 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11.75 × 0.013 in

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